Traditions Change


Family Traditions Change: The Ties That Bind Us In A Knot.

My traditions have changed over the time. And I’m good with that! Traditions change. And that’s okay.  When we’re unwilling to change, it’s easy to work ourselves into a rut.  In that rut, we forget why we do what we do.  And we begin doing things simply because we’ve always done them…getting frustrated with anyone who questions or challenges our traditions.

Traditions change. And they should.  Because we change.  Life doesn’t stay the same.  It takes us through many different roads.  People are added.  Taken away.  And that changes the flavor of our families.

Traditions change. And if you stick so closely to your traditions, you’ll alienate many newcomers.  Take, for instance, my children.  If we were unbending in our holiday routines, they would always view Christmas as a rushed, tiring, hectic, gifts-focused time.  I don’t want that.

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So this holiday season, evaluate why you do what you do. What is it that you, as a family, value? Don’t just continue the same traditions because you’ve always done them. Because if you’re not careful, your traditions can block you from that which you value.

There we are in our bedroom the night before Christmas, wearing your footie pajamas and trying to sleep. But we can’t because our presents are under the tree and if you get up early enough, you might even get a glimpse of Santa on his way back up the chimney. So Randy and I both slide down the banister, only the banister topples over because we’re both adults and it can’t hold Randy’s weight. As much as we may want to hang onto rituals that made us feel safe and loved, time marches on and circumstances change. A tradition that can’t accommodate this reality is one that is going to stagnate and die.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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  1. Love your blog! Our traditions have definitely changed for the better!!!

  2. Your blog has alot for the today’s ladies view point…
    Very interesting! !! Keep us up on the today’s high lights.
    P.S. Love it! ♥

  3. I just love this post!!!!! Our traditions have defiantly gotten better with time!!!! Love bring a part of your amazing family!!


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