TGIF and almost HAPPY HOUR!

Woooohooo! TGIF and almost happy hour! 

Ok, I’m a sucker for sentimental moments so, I decided I would write a blog about TGIF and almost happy hour, but now that it’s Friday I keep procrastinating and doing pretty much everything BUT write a lifestyle blog for women.  Pretty soon it will be happy hour for all you 9-5′ers and I’ll still be stuck here at the computer because if I’m publishing a blog about TGIF and almost HAPPY HOUR! It really does need to be published on Friday, right? (Side eye) Respectfully I’ve gotta disagree. I know that a lot of you reading this are doing that 9-5 thing and some of you love your jobs, and some of you hate them, and everything in between. No judgement!

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It occurs to me that the end of a work-week with that sense of needing to celebrate can simply be that… extolling a week well done… or at least DONE. Mmmmm Hmmmm! Friday means my hubby gets “released” and life becomes about US for the weekend.  So you see, TGIF still has meaning in my life. However, Happy Hour is always fun.  Anyhoo, I have to mention, ya’ll know there ain’t nothing wrong with Happy Hour even on a Tuesday. Anyday for me when I joined a group of fun-loving girlfriends… Oh lord, a lot can be said about that too, We will save that for another post. Well, let’s get into the details of the happiest hour in the day?foreverjanet, happy hour, TGIF and its almost happy hour!

I’m just speculating you may be thinking the pictures show we did look like we were having a good time don’t you think? Didn’t see that coming, did you? (See what a little rest can do for you!) I had to help set the mood! Ya’ll know there ain’t nothing wrong with a drink are two at any hour so why be held to just one? More details to follow in another post… Try to keep up!


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  1. I believe everyone needs a happy hour no matter what day of the week!!! Great post;))

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HOUR! lets do it on tuesday! I love how I’m in every single photo on this post. haha! How fabulous! We always have the best time.


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