Perfection is overrated

Perfection is overrated. What would happen if you defined perfect in a way you see fit, If you weren’t out to validate yourself through other people? What would happen if you put forth your best effort because that satisfied YOU?

It is my belief that life is too short to spend it living in a state of misery because you are too busy trying to fit the mold of what the world is telling you that you should be.

Nothing will ever be perfect. In fact, perfect is a totally subjective term. When you tell yourself you are waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, the perfect anything, what you are usually doing is waiting for an opportunity that looks like the one someone already has. Or you are convinced that you will botch up the chance, anyway.

Most people who say they are perfectionist are hiding from something. Usually the fear of failure drives them to obsess over a project, or they have a need to get validation through external means (usually in the form of praise).

A need for validation from others drives them. They hustle to give projects there’re all because they want someone, anyone, to tell them that it’s good, and that they in turn are good. They seek validation that they are worthy/somehow better than other people. The praise they receive gives them some type of identity. They feel free to hide behind their achievements.

I define perfect on my own terms. It’s totally possible to free yourself from a limited definition of perfection. Don’t let perfectionism stop you from doing your thing.  Just do it, Relish it!


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