A NEW YEAR again

And just like that…it’s all over. A New Year, again! The holiday hoopla is behind us and we now look to a fresh year of possibilities ahead.

Some of us like to think about the Spec-Tac-U-Lar memories that the last year has given us, and others just want to flip to January on their calendars and forget last year even happened. A new year again, and I’m happy and thankful to say, I had one of the best holidays seasons of my life; 2013 was definitely a year to remember. But with that, I’m still beyond excited to see what 2014 has in store. Last year, I made zero resolutions and I’m happy to say, I stuck to 100% of them! Sure, I can do better but that’s what 2014 is for. I’ll strive to stick to even more goals I’ve set for myself.


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to not stress out about things so much and I figured a great way to start was to poke fun at some of my past New Year’s resolutions. #Approve! I’m officially a good girl gone (a little bit) bad!

1.  Do not say “I can skip the gym today” Ok, I will not speak of this! Done! CHECK that box!

2.  Haven’t made an effort to save money yet, I still have mixed thoughts on this…?

3.  Drink more water, starting that one tomorrow.

4.  Ignoring a text for days  and then saying, “OMG I’m SO sorry, just noticed my reply didn’t go through!” (This one works, y’all)

5.  Pretending to text while actually taking selfies.

6.  Aim to have a rockin hot bod through exercise.For me, that doesn’t mean aiming to be a fitness competitor or Victoria’s Secret model (but for some, it might!). I’m all about personal goals and reaching my personal best, and that might look different for everyone. Sorry I’m not sorry. I also aim for the stars!

7.  Instead of resolving to talk less  (this is an actual Cosmo resolution suggestion), watch other people talk by watching some youtube Ted talks. I love these!

8.  Stop saying call me back, just so I can turn the volume off after the first the first ring.

9.  Stop saying “I’ll call you back in a minute” total LIE! I just want to hang up already!

10. Last year I lost no weight so 2014 I will not gain any more weight. Losing weight is such a hard goal, so I figured why not make it easier. First maintain weight, then figure out away to lose it.

11. Be more decisive… I’ll absolutely try to attempt to think about resolving to be more decisive, if I possibly can.

12. Keep my opinions to myself. yeah, right! (eyes rolling)

13. Rid Myself of Toxic People. Call them what you like:  still ugly, toxic friends, frenemies, or even emotional vampires. Still UGLY!

14. Try something new because last year I didn’t learn anything I didn’t think I already knew.

15. Travel more, my bags stay packed.

16. Talk less, write more.

17. Do something about my phobia of being closed in small spaces: This is a personal thing. I don’t want to talk about it. This also helps with #16 on my list.

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that I like to uphold.  But this year, I was having a harder time coming up with a new set of challenges. Luckily, my hubby came to my rescue once again. Check out my resolutions below. I’ll keep you posted on how all my new year’s resolutions are coming along.

  1. Put Randy’s feelings ahead of everything
  2. Find a new home and move
  3. Couples getaway every two months
  4. Find a Church near our new home
  5. Discuss our calendars weekly
  6. Communicate weekly with my Mother and Sisters


  1. Drink three glasses of water a day
  2. Exercise three times a week
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Have a will and testament prepared along with a living will


  1. Read six books
  2. Try five new things
  3. Improve my golf score to 100 per round
  4. Get my paperwork more organized to be more effective
  5. Be more direct when talking by listening first
  6. A destination I’d like to visit: Dubai


  1.  Start a business
  2.  Find a way to Document my life
  3.  Make one new close friend
  4.  Work on improving my credit score
  5.  Get involved in at least one social group
  6.  Improve the content in my bloghttp
There you have it!
What are your resolutions for 2014?
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