When I think back over my life, I’ve found that life is about choices.

The hard choices I’ve made were the ones that provided lasting positive change in my life. When I took the easy road, it didn’t have any impact, it was only the hard choices that really brought about change. Life is about choices!

I’m happy where I am today because I’ve had to make hard choices. They weren’t the most fun at the time. I knew I had taken the easy road before that, and it led to a life I didn’t want.

If you feel like you’re not making any progress in life, or you just feel stuck, take a look at the type of choices you are making on a consistent basis.

We have two types of choices in life: easy or hard. How simple is that?

The easy choice will take absolutely no willpower to do. You just do them. You’re more than happy to do them. It’s comfortable. It’s easy because you’ve done it hundreds of times. It has become a habit.

The hard choice will take a lot of willpower. You don’t automatically make that choice. It makes you uncomfortable. You may not want to do it. It’s hard to do because you haven’t done it that often. You don’t know what to expect. It’s not a habit.

When faced with a choice, we immediately will choose the easy one. It’s naturally what we want to do. We always want everything to be easier in our life. Easy is stress free. Wouldn’t ya think?

But the easy choice sometimes is disguised as the wrong one. It appears as the choice that will make you happier, but only temporary, making the easy choice the majority of the time will lead to unwanted results in your life.

On the other hand, when you make the hard choice the majority of the time, it can lead to extraordinary results. The hard choice is what you know you should be doing. The hard choice will lead you to the edge of your comfort zone. It gets you closer to the goals you dream about.

It is a tough battle when deciding between the two.

Which one do you choose most of the time?

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  1. This is amazing.


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