I’m not 100% sure I have my priorities straight?

I’m not 100% sure I have my priorities straight.
I am trying to pack for a trip to New York (which makes me feel really, really good) and am pretty much having an existential crisis because I’m trying to keep my packing to one checked and one carry on items only. And I am FAILING. Horribly.
In New York I will be meeting with important type people. And will have to wear clothing of the business variety. 
What I have realized is, I have either not enough, or too many shoe options.
See.. all my outfits require slightly different types of shoes. And I don’t have space for all of them. But I don’t have any sort of Neutral shoes that go with everything.
So I’m either packing four shoes in addition to whatever I’ma be wearing on my feet or I just go barefoot and tell people I’m a hippie.
Which is a really, really bad idea in New York because, while it’s super awesome there, the sidewalks are nasty. I’m  always worrying about the important things.
So I’m surrounded by a bunch of really pretty, not at all practical shoes and I’m trying to figure out if I can ask my hubby to carry three pairs of shoes for me without getting in a convo about me needing so many shoes.
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