How to get your SEXY back

How to get your SEXY back. Why is my ass getting bigger?  I find myself doing lunges while holding onto the washing machine. What’s going on? working out? ummm… interesting, shall we say. Will I wake up one day in mom jeans and white sneakers? I’ll tell you exactly what it is. Before, you were your main priority. You go from being hot and trendy, to being tragic and boring. Is it marriage, kids, or just a sense of comfort and conformity? Is it okay to stop looking hot for your hubby? How to get your SEXY back

Clearly, the answer is Hell NO. You all know there is no excuse for looking crazy. Brace yourselves, I will admit that when I hang out around the house, I look insane. My hair is in a messy bun and I usually wear the yuckiest clothes I own. I pretty much look like a homeless librarian, if that paints you a picture, but it would be ridiculous to dress up to do laundry. Just make sure that once you’re done, you take a shower and pretty yourself up. Remind your hubby that you are just as cute as the day you met. Randy bless his heart, swears that I look beautiful when I’m just chilling, but he isn’t blind and neither are your hubbies. Some people will read this and say, “No way, my hubby always came first”. LIAR! If you needed to go to the gym, you went. If you needed a new dress, you bought it. If you wanted to hang out with the girls, you did. There’s nothing wrong if your priorities have changed, they sort of need to. You’re part of a team now. Everything you do affects your teammate. So now, instead of going to gym everyday, you decide to stay home, spruce up the house, and make a yummy dinner. Maybe you just stay home and want to spend time together. So…the question is…How do we keep up that sexy bod? The one he fell in love with? How do we avoid becoming fat wives (NIGHTMARE)?!

How to get your SEXY back.How to get your SEXY back

I think it’s all about time management. I’m going to start taking 30 minutes out of my day and doing some simple workouts at home. Maybe a quick jog or walk around the neighborhood. I brought it up to Randy and he’s totally up to doing it with me. Oh…I forgot to mention that he has a personal trainer.. so I can NOT be the fat wife with a hot husband! You may be asking yourself, “Why doesn’t he get a trainer for you?” I basically just haven’t ask. He vowed to always think I’m pretty (at least that’s what I got from the “I do” part), so why does he want me to do 10 more push ups?


Anyway… Stay healthy. Take some time to yourself or make working out a quality time activity. I mean, I’m clearly not an expert considering I’ve only been married 2 or 3 times, but you might as well gain from my weird observations.  Just keep it simple. Brush your hair, spritz some perfume on from time to time, and wear some cute lingerie around the house.

Fight the Mom Jean epidemic. Remember, just because Ross has them in your size for $10.00 doesn’t make it right…

We’ll get through this together-


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  1. Iam sure that mom jeans will never be a staple in your closet or mine!!! I feel gross if my nail polish is comming off!!! Lol!!! Love this post♡

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