Happy Hour Fun can be so exciting with friends and Atlantic Station is just the place for fast casual, fine dining, mid-range menus, classic pub food, and everything in between, Atlantic Station satisfies every palate and a great place for happy hour fun!


foreverjanet, happy hour fun, santa clause

We decided to give Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro a shot.  What a good pick this was!  This was the perfect place to come to after a really long day.  The drinks were delicious!!  Very good and they certainly don’t skip on the ice.



It’s the Holiday season and almost Five o’clock. We’re off to an awesome start cause it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, I’m about to have me some fun girl time! It’s not for everyone, it can be addicting. You see, just because the drinks are half-priced doesn’t mean you should get as many as you can before 6:59, however, that may be fun too.

foreverjanet, happy hour fun, Santa Clause


We ordered really large fruity drinks … Loved it, so we ordered another one just before the surprise announcement that Santa Clause will be returning soon. What? Returning as in he left already… yeah! Maybe we should’ve skipped that last drink??? No need to over think that.  Apparently, Santa was taking a break so Tina and I talked jibberish with the elves… I’m all about having friends with connections!


We are anxiously awaiting the chance to tell the “Big Man in Red” what we want for Christmas this year. Finally, Santa makes his return. We discussed our long wish list, negotiated the naughty but nice list and allowed him to be in our pictures.


Ice Skate, Foreverjanet, Atlantic Station

Next year we’re going to the North Pole on Thanksgiving

The jollies continued as we participated in what I like to think of as the Winter Olympics or open-air ice-skating rink.

This winter wonderland with dazzling lights and holiday décor had us dreaming of a white Christmas. Tina was a pro in the snow with her fancy fur coat.

Cheers to another great happy hour!



foreverjanet, happy hour fun

Crash and Burn: Served with seven liquors including Dekuyper Cordials, Myers’s Dark Rum and Southern Comfort, blended with tropical fruit juices and topped with Bacardi

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