Guide To Plan Your Life better

Guide To Strategically Plan Your Life better

I know you are thinking… Oh dear? What else in God’s name am I gonna have to do? And how long will it take me to learn a “Guide To Plan Your Life better”?  First we need to ask ourself, Do we really want a perfect life and have an amazing family portrait worthy of Pinterest? I just don’t know…. Perfect life, perfect healthcare… the list goes on… Lots of people (Sherri & Christina) tell me the same answer: “No.”  But honestly, it would be too boring. Well, then it wouldn’t be perfect, would it?


  1. Who are we?
  2. Where are we now?
  3. Where do we want to go?
  4. What do we want to accomplish?
  5. How do we get there?
  6. How do we measure our progress?

Is our perception of perfect to perfect? As I write in my Lifestyle blog for women, I think life is there to be lived. To be enjoyed and relished. We share time with our friends and families and new people we meet. Do we really need a “Guide To Plan Your Life better”? It’s about experiences and seizing the moment. About shopping, manis and Pedis, extensions and botox. Well, that’s what I thought, but it seems I’ve got it totally wrong. Seems “some people” I won’t name names (they know who they are, shall we call them tea partyers) don’t do stuff for themselves anymore. And here’s the funny thing: They do it for Facebook. They describe their God forsaken lives day in, day out, every freaking day, in deplorable, oh-so-boring detail.


When did it become the social norm to update the world with details about your latest meal, nap or bowel movement? Are we all looking for a bit of Instant fame?

Do you really need a new life plan a “Guide To Plan Your Life better”? Are your schedules packed, and your to-do list approaching a page or more in length? Do you pepper your conversation with the word “hashtag”? So basically, despite the wide assortment of time-saving devices now available, people are more busy now than they were decades ago. While people say that they’d like to be less busy, it’s hard to know exactly how to cut down a schedule and which activities to cut out. Everything is important, right? Here are some concepts to keep in mind when deciding if you really want to trim down your schedule and achieve the perfect life status by following a Guide To Plan Your Life better.


Life Plan Tip #1-Get In Touch With Your Values- This is a popular exercise, better make another list: Life Plan Tip #2-Visualize the Life You Want-  Here’s another approach, Google the life that you want. Life Plan Tip #3-List Your Trade-Offs- When saying, “yes” to new activities, stop to think about what you are saying “no” to as a result. Oh dear lord! We may need a moment of silence….. Ok, now let’s move on… Life Plan Tip #4-Consolidate Activities- While multi-texting isn’t as productive as someone thought, however I’m saving the text. Life Plan Tip #5-Take Shortcuts- This is a good time for a doubleshot? don’t cha’ think? Life Plan Tip #6-Use Stress Management- Strategies When we’re too stressed, after five, we don’t always think clearly; “We had such a good time we took photos of ourselves having a good time just to prove to our followers and friends just how fabulous and glamorous our life is”

Is this worth it? First it was a list, now it’s exhausting work and ultimately time consuming.

We really don’t need a Guide To Plan Your Life better, Just have fun and live your life! My purpose is to live, learn, love and laugh a lot! To have a Fabulous life (while documenting details in my Lifestyle Blog For Women) and to dramatically contribute to the quality of life on earth! I think about this kinda stuff a lot. I’ve had about two years longer than Miss Utah to think about it, but who’s counting… right?


So, how do you have the “perfect” family? I can tell you what not to do. Don’t have very high expectations. Instead, be realistic. Drink when you feel you need to!  Can I get an Amen here? (I mean, that didn’t happen to be me drinking, I’m just using it as an example.)

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

― Allen Saunders

My biggest pieces of advice if you don’t have a perfect life, just go with it. Whatever you have is probably pretty damn close to perfect in the first place, and it’s much more fun to look at real picture on Pinterest than the ones where everyone in the family looks “perfect” Don’t ya think? Let me know.



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