Grove Park Inn

Grove Park Inn




I absolutely love to travel, and I love to blog about it in my lifestyle blog for women. So when my hubby said he was going to Asheville for a Fall Leadership Conference, he would have to stay over a couple of days and did I want to join him, DSC05087of course I said, “Oh, H*LL YEAH!!!” OK, I totally did not say that. I would never say that, especially out loud to the nice man that works twelve-hour days. But I will tell you that I absolutely yelled that inside my head. And possibly out loud to Sherri, Christina, and maybe a few others.

I’m not entirely sure, there was a lot of happy dancing, bra-waving and glory shouting going on at the time. Mostly from me.

 Grove Park Inn is a luxury resort with a spa, a golf course, a huge fitness center, and fancy restaurants and bars. We have a couple of serious diseases to thank for its very existence: malaria and tuberculosis. Interesting bit of trivia;

iE.W. Grove, the guy that built the Inn made millions by selling this ‘elixir’ called Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic, he added sugar and lemon flavoring to make it taste better. It was supposed to be a preventative from the symptoms of Malaria. Back in the days, it was considered a sign of health to have a chubby, fat kid, which was a big selling point for Grove’s product. I love the add I found so much. I might want to get that big-headed pig-kid photo framed.

Grove Park Inn is simply GORGEOUS everywhere you look is completely authentic to the period of its time. The fireplaces on either end of the lobby are massive! I believe they are every bit as big as the one in the Biltmore. The stacked rocks are magnificent. It is so cozy to sit in the rocking chairs in front of one of these fireplaces; however, I settled in at the bar and almost didn’t want to leave. Seriously, there are few things on God’s green earth I enjoy as much as a really fine hotel. I’m like Eloise at the Plaza… remember those books? Yeah, I was born for hotel life. Here are some photos.

DSC05089I had drinks on the Sunset Terrace. Honestly, Of course, the view, the service and the ambience are what you are paying for, so the experience is worth the price. I experienced it all!

I read all about “the lady in pink” – a ghost that haunts the inn (the legend is that she plummeted through the atrium to her death back in the teens or twenties) and I was bound and determined to meet her myself. No such luck though, maybe next time. The beautiful copper and iron light fixture sadly, would not fit in my suitcase.


Randy had to attend his conference all day on Thursday. You can only imagine what I thought yep! Sucks for him, Sooooo I was forced to make a difficult decision of what to do…. I decided on the SPA!!!!

The crème de la crème of The Spa! Fire, Rock, Water and Light into one luxurious experience. Sounds wonderful, right? Oh it totally was!

After checking in, I was told no cell phones! Seriously? Really? I began Working on a plan to get my cell phone inside the doors!  Without looking like a Russian spy. Yeah, it’s probably not ever a good idea for me to be in a “Private Place” with time on my hands AND a portable means of mass communication…


I was escorted to the Women’s Locker Room where a luxurious spa robe was provided (hmmmm… deep pockets? someone could hide their phone inside) along with special spa flip-flops and a locker assigned.  Once de-clothed and robed, I was led to the waiting area in the silent retreat room, a space dedicated to quiet appointed with comfy leather chairs, a big stone fireplace and large windows that were open to allow the evening mountain breeze and natural light into the room. Shortly, my “Spa Guy” greeted me with soft warm hands cupping my hand in both of his. Every member of the staff I encountered used a reassuring, meditating like voice further emphasizing the designation of this place for solitude.  I was led to a special treatment room for the spa’s signature service.  The room is round in shape to soften sound.  A comfy massage table set in the middle, Ahhhhhh…


Decadent does not adequately describe the level of absolute pampering that overcomes a guest at the GPI spa. After a quick tour I walked around the cave-like pool area and found my favorite spot the eucalyptus steam room and contrast pools. While sitting in the eucalyptus room I discovered that if I wave my arms through the steam it circulates the heat back around my body. Waving my arms quickly turned into robot style dancing I noticed several guests heading toward me and then discreetly moving to another pool, perhaps afraid they could not compete with such a talented robot dancing artists like myself. Apparently, the “Ladies Only” side of the spa does not mean “Clothing Optional” Who knew? I thought that’s why the section was separated.



Another great day! Randy and I got to play in a golf tournament together. We drink an awful lot of adult beverages, many of which have left some of us caught with our pants down, Literally. Sometimes even fallen out of carts. We hit some awful shots that somehow found the bottom of the cup. We’ve hit great shots that, for one reason or another, have turned out awful. But most of all, we have a ton of laughs!




Elaine’s Dueling Piano Bar. Was fun too! And trust me, more shots! (I don’t recall the names of them) There were definitely some jokes being told! Honestly, We sing along every song! The guys were FUNNY! It was a big lo sloppy lovefest, and here are some pictures that say it all…




The last night all the College football fans gathered to watch football and celebrate the wins with a little love/hate thing going on between the teams. Look, I get it, you’re really excited, and you can’t quite hold it in. It happens. Especially when you’ve really, really wanted to beat the other team for a long time. Lots of excitement going!


Another fabulous get-a-way!


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  1. This sounds absoulutly amazing!!! Sounds like every womens dream getaway!!!! Beautiful pics!!!

  2. I like the content and the upbaet enthusiasm of Janet in the way she shares. I would prefer the music to be a little softer as it somehow impinges on to my consciousness as I am trying to hear what Janet is saying. otherwise, great stuff


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