#follow #love #COMMENT #duh?

#follow #love #COMMENT #duh?

Back again today? Good! I’ve been conducting a minimally scientific study of traffic to my blog since I posted days ago. In a session of Martinis garnished with an olive or a lemon twist or maybe Vodka and a splash of Red Bull somewhere in-between A discussion emerged about the use of words like “Read My Blog” or  “You know you want to comment on my Fabulous Blog” Since I was receiving little to no comments,


#follow #love #COMMENT #duh?

I immediately re-evaluated my blog and based on the opinion of Christina and myself regarding the input in my post, we determined that the answer was ‘Yes.’  My blog was/is Perfect! And Christina (aka Viva la Diva), whose distinctive voice she’s still working on said, while applying lipstick on her lips, No need to change a thing! So if readers are unable to comment on my blog, some things may be causing this:



  1. You type Slow!
  2. You don’t know what to say cuz you’re not creative like me.
  3. You can’t find the comment section at the bottom of my post.
  4. You think I will know who you are.
  5. Your comment will be attributed to your Blogger display name, which will then link to your Blogger profile and then I will know “It really was you”
  6. You just like to look at my picture.
  7. You’re thinking about doing it right now, yea right?
  8. You are to busy but honestly “busy” is usually a code word for “lazy.”
  9.  or D. All of the above

Feel free to spend the time you would have spent leaving a comment on my blog, stalking my Facebook and Twitter for your entertainment. I will not stay away from social media, I have a plan to attack the situation with technical support, don’tcha know?


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