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Fashion Trends you’ll want to read about in a lifestyle blog.

We all need some Chic Inspiration that will rescue us from the occasional wardrobe-misery that come with fashion trends. Or when you want fresh outfit ideas on how to wear your clothes and the latest fashion trends! My lifestyle blog for women will provide you with fashion advice & styling strategies to looking your best and making great use of your existing clothes – Yes, I’ll guide you through those tricky Fashion Trends (like colored jeans and fun but hard-to-match prints and colors) to super-plain closet pieces that make you roll over in boredom – giving you outfit ideas and style tips on how to implement them to your personal taste.

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Keep in mind that my fashion persona is classic but fun, so you’ll discover plenty of toned-down translations of fashion, 
Latest Fashion TrendsTotally-worth-it Trends, Chic Runway Interpretations 
& Trend Styling Tips.

Yes, I know. The Fashion Trends can be overwhelming and sometimes ridiculous. But the useful aspect of the trends showcased on the runway and in fashion magazines – is simply, the visual stimulation that forges ideas and inspiration. With that being said, no one’s forcing you to follow the latest trends. Blogs, magazines and designers simply display their point of view and interpretation on how to freshen up your look for the new season.

And the wonderful thing about today’s modern, uninhibited fashion era, is that we are valuing personal style and self-expression more now than ever before.foreverjanet

So you’re basically free to pick and choose whatever tickles your fancy!

Keep in mind that my fashion persona is fun and classic so you’ll discover plenty of toned-down translations of the current fashion trends! If we share the same style then you’re in luck! If not, then chew on my tips on how to implement a trend and look your best 🙂 I’ll keep posting new looks for everyone.


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  1. Love your style tips and your fashion sense!!! Super cute post!!


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