How to deal with problems in your life

You can learn how to deal with problems in your life.

I love the problems in my life and I blog about it in my lifestyle blog for women. I picked my life and I love to live ridiculously FABULOUS. It’s not for everyone. Being Glamorous comes with problems now and then… and you must learn how to deal with the problems in your life. I know you must be thinking Mm?  What’s that mean? Do you love your problems? Because that would be helpful.

If we do A, then B happens, so what if we do X instead?  So we’re rolling with what the universe delivered. We’re working this problem like a piece of gum. We’re thinking… thinking. Arguing our points. It’s tense and kind of wonderful at the same time.

Hey, by the way everyone, I just want you to know, I LOVE this shit! This is my idea of fun. I can respect the challenges because I know I’m going the distance to get what I want. And I know that and I mean this in the most logical sense. Life is just one damn thing after another. Love your problems, really love them, and the solutions appear. Ahhhhhhh! PURE AWESOMENESS!


Do you love the kind of problems that you have in your relationship? Like, can you love the fact that you choose to “work” as a couple to deepen your intimacy with your soulmate? That can be at times some hard work, right? But can you honor that that’s your work to do?

Can you love the problems inherent in your career? The challenges that come with the goals you’ve set? The hoops you have to jump through to get what you want the most?

If you can’t love the hassles, maybe you’re in the wrong place. Pick the battles that are for the best cause, your higher good.  It will boost your strength instead of wearing you down. Remember the “Rules of the Game” If you can’t love the challenges that come with your territory, you should consider moving elsewhere. To where you find problems that are more loveable and satisfying — because there are plenty of them, and they need your willingness to be solved. The big prize goes to the big players!

Remember your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world.

Only as high as I can reach, can I grow

Only as far as I seek, can I go

Only as deep as I look, can I see

Only as much as I dream, can I be.


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  1. Love love this post!! Very insightful!!!


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