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I truly believe (and it has been confirmed by others) that Chicago is one of the best cities in the United States to visit. The restaurants, bars, travel, and attractions. Boom! Hands down victory. Chicago is freaking ahmazzzzzzziing, I just had to share it with you in my lifestyle blog for women. Sure, there’s never a dull moment in Chicago — but even more so if you’re clued into the best places to hit. And, who says just because temps are dropping, the fun has to stop? With that in mind, I rounded up some amazing things to do before retreating into full-blown winter hibernation mode. (you know…..just before you Start the movie, read, watch TV or just daydream)chicago, lifestyle blog for women

This time of year practically begs for a cozy infinity scarf and great pair of sunnies to enjoy those few cool-yet-sunshine-filled days left in Atlanta, so as you can imagine, I was already dreading the impending chill of Chicago’s extended winter, but nothing takes the edge off like a stiff drink. And, there are surely plenty of those to go around in Chicago.

Michigan Avenue is Chicago’s most popular shopping street. Michigan Avenue’s most popular stretch is just about a mile long (hence it being called the Magnificent Mile) Also Oak Street is just at the north end of Michigan Avenue. Shopping is pretty much for this Diva, a given, but in Chicago, I can treat it like a marathon — not a sprint — because I DON’T do those. Consider this, all of all your online shopping, catalog earmarking, and browsing of fall fashion magazines as the training that led you to this point: It just makes my soul cry out Halleu-yer! Gucci, AllSaints, Brunello Cucinelli, Hermes, Burberry, Prada, Barneys, Louis Vuitton… the list goes on and on. With my love for fashion and shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, leather and now fur, not to mention plenty of spots to refuel like Prasino and Freshii. You must plan a full day of it. Here’s to hoping we all will survive… Cheers!Chicago? fun

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, a stop in Wrigleyville is a must to see Wrigley Field (the second oldest baseball field in the U.S) plus the neighborhood is full of fun bars and restaurants. You can sit in the bleachers on a rooftop and actually watch the game. Super cool!

For the Foodie, Chicago has hundreds of restaurants and bars of all varieties and ethnicities. You must try a Chicago-style hot dog from Portillo’s where no one asked for ketchup on their hotdog and visit Giordano’s for their famous stuffed pizza. Have brunch at Nomi or wait in the loooooong line at Garretts for Popcorn.

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Millennium Park is an amazing art-filled park right downtown. See a free concert, snap photos of the “Bean”, check out the video fountains, just enjoy the gardens, or have a drink, Cheers! When it comes to art, street art is what I prefer in Chicago. There’s something about it that just intrigues me. Probably because it’s colorful, unconventional and just straight up awesome (I think the picture says it all). So the fact that I get to be a part of a super cool trip that combines the best of art and style (and me in the city) is pretty exciting.

There are so many great hotel options to choose from in Chicago. The historic Drake, a landmark hotel with an outstanding reputation or the Four Seasons, The InterContinental, The Peninsula, The Wit, The James, Park Hyatt, The Ritz-Carton, many to choose from.

Public transport is great in Chicago. To get around, simply either walk, ride a bike, or use the trains or buses. You can take the “E” to most places you will want to go, exciting except when you realize you’re on the purple line express and not the brown line…. Hmmmmm yeah? Didn’t happen to me but I’m sure it could happen, just saying? So, without further ado, fear no more! Be done with sacrificing traveling for warmth in the winter. A visit to Chicago will have you spending that paycheck in no time to look and feel so hot! Dress up, be glamorous, and most of all be the life of the party and have fun when you are in Chicago!


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  1. I would have never thought of chicago when choosing a travel destination!!!! Chicago sounds like an amazing place to visit!!!!! Love your pics!!


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