Recounting my childhood in this beautiful Georgia City along the Savannah River, goes without saying Augusta is at its peak in spring but at it’s finest in early April.

I grew up thinking spring break begin in Augusta the week of Masters, the first full week in April when hundreds of thousands of golf fans descend on Augusta for the Masters Tournament, World-renowned, Augusta National Golf Club, known as one of the most exclusive in the world. The atmosphere makes the medium-sized city come alive every April, but it’s largely fueled by visiting companies’ hospitality tents and catered parties for those who prefer that and the culture with egg salad sandwiches and fairway views.

The Masters are unlike any other kind of major, standing alone in a category of pure perfection and greatness. You can’t help but smile, feel the warmth and realize this beautiful place is magical, that is if you have a ticket!

There is something unexplainable about being in the presence of a historical tradition, between the course, the Green Jacket, to the egg salad sandwiches, where do you begin in this extraordinary event.

It hasn’t been so long since I lived in Augusta, and recollections of the town when it is at its early April peak seem not so-distant memories like the sidewalks brimming with multitudes wearing khakis, Polo wind-breakers, and Masters-logo caps. Restaurants accommodate the crowds by setting up beer coolers and oyster bars in their parking lots. Churches and schools sell parking spaces by $$$.

It goes without saying, Par-3 Night which is to say the Wednesday after the Masters Tournament’s Par-3 contest has ended, just before the official tournament starts the next morning tends to get the most rowdy. People often migrate for tailgating, socializing in and around the crowded restaurants on Washington Road, which exits off Interstate 20, is home to the National golf course. Washington Road is a stark contrast to the pristine and genteel grounds inside the course’s gates, I must say again, that is if you have a ticket!

The Masters has been around for many years, each year adding a new story to the line of greatness.

This tradition is going NO WHERE!

My home is now Peachtree City, but every April, I still return with my husband to Augusta Georgia.


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